MO Elks President Visit

Christian County Elks 2777 were honored to host Missouri Elks State President, Ron Bollinger, and First Lady, Jean, at Family Friday Night dinner August 15. Over 50 members and guests attended this special night including President-Elect John Rinehart and his wife, Valerie, and many other dignitaries. Past State President and Lodge Secretary, Tom Shelton, introduced Ron, Jean and other dignitaries and Exalted Ruler, Charles Falzone, presented Ron with a few golfing gifts. A new set of golf balls that are guaranteed to fly straight plus a nice box of 19th hole cigars. Auxiliary President, Mary Angell, gave Jean potted plant to remember her lodge visit. Everyone settled down to a pot roast dinner prepared by DDGER and Lodge Trustee, Jeff Holt, Ron explained his motto for this year, “Painting the Future of Elkdom” and gave everyone encouraging words for the upcoming year. Thank you, Ron and Jean, for visiting our Lodge.

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